How to Safely Drive on Icy Roads

It can be a nerve-wracking and very scary experience to drive on icy roads. Highways and roads can ice over during the night time whenever snow and rain gathers. This will leave a hazardous road for drivers in the morning.

To help you and your drivers safe from harm and accidents, you’ve got to know a couple of safety tips when driving in icy roads. Knowing these tips will help you avoid having to hire towing services San Antonio after an accident.

Don’t Pull Over for Other Cars

Helping other drivers who require help is always ideal. However, if you stop your car to help another car on an icy road can really cause harm than good. It isn’t safe to go outside your car on a busy highway or road and on ice that can worsen the issue.

You should keep the passengers and yourself safe when driving on ice. You should only let the experts be the one to respond and handle any type of emergencies.

Keep Your Car in a Low Gear

If you are driving on an icy road, you have to utilize the lowest gear in your car as you travel. The low gear shift setting will enable you to have more traction between the road and the tire. This means that you can keep your car secure and grounded as you drive. Thus, you will not have a hard time maneuvering on an icy road.

Do Not Slam on the Brakes

Whenever you slam on the brakes while driving on an icy road, it will only cause the wheels of your car to lock up and start to spin out of control. The ideal way to utilize the brakes is to use a pulsing and slow motion. You should feel the give and take of the road as you use pressure to the brake pedal and move the car to a safe halt.

Keep a Safe Distance From Other Cars

Always keep at least 3 car lengths between you and the car in front of you if you are driving on icy roads. This will enable a lot of time to react. This is vital, especially in winter conditions. Offering a safe distance between the other driver will enable you to help keep a steady hand on the wheel as you drive, slow to a stop before a collision, and avoid accidents.

Slow Down

Slowing down is the number one rule you’ve got to follow whenever you’re driving on an icy road. Also, you’ve got to keep the car below the speed limit. The fastest way to get into an accident on a winter condition is by going too fast. If you drive too fast on an icy road, you will eventually lose control. Keep in mind that you’ve got to ride slow and stay focused if you’ve got to travel in icy conditions.

If you don’t want to get into an accident and call a towing company for help, follow these tips when driving on an icy road.

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